We currently have two ways to send Product Information to Dealers.

Option 1

We can send Dealers an XLSX or CSV file which contains SKU, Product Title, Image URL, Description, RRP, Dealer Price, Weight, Length, Width, Height and etc.

We can send this file to an email address or to your own FTP server. (We, unfortunately, don't have an FTP server at the moment)


Send a request to helpdesk@parrotproducts.biz to have this setup.


Please state in which format you would like the file and also where it should be sent to. If it must be sent to an FTP server, please provide the login details.

Unfortunately, we don't have an XML feed at the moment. This will be available in the future.


Product Excel Feed Example


Option 2

Web Services

You will be able to look at our Sample APP and documentation via the link below:


You will require a password and username for the API.

Please send a request to helpdesk@parrotproducts.biz