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The Classic Classroom - Series 1

Educational boards in the classroom are still recognised as an effective way for students to brainstorm ideas or allow them to think through a whiteboard when answering questions, solving a math's equation or drawing a graph.

Pre-printed grids on our Educational Boards assist with teaching drawing to scale.

Pre-printed lines assist with teaching students who are just learning how to write.

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Interactive Presentation Classrooms - Series 2

Making it easier to teach dynamically - Allow students' questions to lead
topic exploration. Discussing a city? Bring it up on Google Earth.

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Relatable Smart Interactive Classrooms - Series 3

Solutions designed for schools and teachers, provide work-integrated learning.

Interactive Smart Solutions prepare students for the real world, which is
tech savvy and increases student interaction, engagement and participation during classes.

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The Mix - LED or Interactive Whiteboard on the Educational Board

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The Hybrid Virtual Classroom

The hybrid virtual classroom, a relatively new learning space to synchronously connect
remote and face-to-face learners.

Whether students are in the physical classroom or remote - can all seamlessly interact with
each other, take part in the same polls and create, consume and share digital content.

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Classroom Product Solutions

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