Parrot Products Educational Boards

Parrot Products Educational boards can be configured to your specification. A full Educational Board solution features 7 writing surfaces made up of a Centre Panel, 2 Side Panels and 2 double sided Swing Leaf Panels, any of which can be ordered separately.


Incorporate maps, grids, lines or a design of your choice onto any of the Educational Board surfaces.  
Writing surface of your choice
Heavy duty plastic hinges & aluminium frame
Double sides swing-leaf panels
Deluxe frame 22.7mm wide





“Educational boards have made multitasking, planning, class management,
and teaching, unchallenging, effortless and fun to do”

Available writing surfaces to choose from in either Whiteboard or Chalkboard options

All boards and other products can be purchased separately.

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Pre-Printed Grid Educational Board

Pre-Printed Grid Educational Board Lifestyle



Different Educational Board Configurations

Different Educational Board Configurations
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