Bulletin Board Home Office
Information Board in School
Information Board at Home
Information Board in Classroom
Information Board in Hospital
Information Board in Library
Information Board in Office
Bulletin Board Home Office
Self Adhesive Pinning Board

Bulletin, Information & Pin Boards

Convey information, display your work and make learning visible


  • Plastic & Aluminium Frame
  • Available in various sizes
  • Available in felt, cork & carpet pinning surfaces
  • Mounting components Included
  • Ribbed carpet surface is Velcro Friendly


Factory Warranty

Parrot Products Pinning Boards

Our pinning boards' are manufactured using a felt or carpet surface backed with a pinning
surface substrate.


Locally Manufactured by Parrot Products.



Benefits of Bulletin boards in the classroom

Bulletin boards make learning visible, facilitate and enhance communication.


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Bulletin Board Classroom


Convey information from meetings, announcements, parent news, and curriculum overviews.

Bulletin Board in Classroom


Inspire and motivate your students.

Pin encouraging quotes and images to keep your students inspired and motivated.

Bulletin Board in Classroom


Improve effectiveness and enjoyment of lessons between teachers & students with bulletin boards.


Information boards in the office/workplace

Information boards are a cost effective way to keep employees abreast of current and upcoming events, opportunities and activities in the work place.


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Information Board in Office Environment


Choose information boards to improve office communication and for announcement purposes.

Information Board in Library Environment


Motivational workplace info boards.

Information Board in Hospital Environment


Plan or display your work on a info board.



Home office Pinning Boards

Are you looking for creative and productive ways to set up your home office - Pin boards
are a nice add on that can be used for personal and work purposes.


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Self Adhesive Pin Board


Use a Pin Board to create a vision board in the comfort of your home and be inspired daily

Self Adhesive Pin Board - Silver


A Pin Board can be used as a method to plan creatively using visual imagery.

Pin Board in Office Environment


Pin Boards can also be used to pin daily reminders of work tasks, to do lists and more.



Advantages of Information and bulletin boards in the workplace, schools and hospitals

Information and Bulletin boards serve many purposes and can be used for various reasons. For
some, they can use it as an inspirational and motivational tool, for others, a way to communicate
and convey information.


Bulletin Board in school hallway
Bulletin board in University Hallway
Bulletin Board in Hospital Hallway




Mounting a Self-Adhesive Pin Board




Aluminium & Plastic Frame Information Boards

Here we showcase the difference between the two frames.




Carpet and Felt Pinning Surface

Here we showcase the difference between a carpet and a felt pinning surface.




Are you looking for a customised product?

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