Glassboard on T-Leg Set
Artist Displaying Work on Easel
Flipchart on Telescopic Legs
Desk Partition Work Environment

Board Supports

A solution to your presentation needs


  • T-leg set
  • Easel steel telescopic
  • Adjustable Aluminium Easel
  • Desk Partition Clamp

Parrot Products Board Supports

Manufactured using high-grade steel and aluminium. Long-lasting reliable performance.


Make your whiteboards mobile

Our mobile T-leg stands are perfect for planning and presenting.


Parrot Products T-Legs can be used with any standard board in our range.


Ideal for use in temporary settings. Easily shifted from location to location.

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T-Leg Set in a Classroom environment

Mobile T-leg stand set available in lockable and non-lockable castors.

T-Leg Set in a Training Room environment

T-leg set featuring our dry erase whiteboard

T-Leg Set in a Boardroom environment

T-leg set featuring our Bulletin board.



Adjustable Aluminium Easel

An excellent multi-functional easel that artists can use for painting outdoors as a field easel
or indoors as a floor or table top studio easel. It's also an ideal display easel for paintings,
office presentations, poster and dry erase boards or as a store sign holder and more.

*Not recommended for boards larger than 900*600mm


View Adjustable Aluminium Easel


Artist Displaying her work on a adjustable aluminium easel

Our aluminium easels are height adjustable.

Fully extended size: 1600*880mm

Adjustable Aluminium Easel - Coffee Display

Display boards larger than 900*600mm are not recommended.

Fully extended size: 1600*880mm

Toddler displaying artistic skill on a low raised aluminium easel

Our aluminium easel folds to 890*90mm in size.

The height can be handily fine-tuned.



Easel Steel Telescopic Board Stand

Used to support Parrot Boards, posters, signs and more. Ideal for office and school presentations, and trade shows. The powder coated steel finish creates a weather resistant mobile solution. The adjustable-height display holder arms can be adjusted up and down the legs and then locked into your desired customized position.


*Not recommended for boards lager than 1200*1200mm



View Easel Steel Telescopic


Trade Show Lifestyle Steel Easel
Steel Easel Lifestyle
Flipchart on telescopic legs



Office/School Desk Partition Clamp

Perfect for use in conference rooms, council chamber, school class rooms, call centers, training rooms, computer rooms and a variety of offices.

Used together with substrates such as glass, Perspex, ACP to encourage social distancing as well as creating privacy and sound barriers.

Parrot Desk Clamps are desk mounted with adjustable grips and silicone pads to prevent scratching.


View desk partition clamps


Desk Partition Clamp in Work Environment
Desk Partition Clamp in School Environment
Desk Partition Clamp in Computer Environment



Board Support Systems and Stands

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